Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Shoooots Brah!

So I haven't really updated this in a while, so here goes....

Had some much needed few days off from work, so decided to drive to the beach after I got out of work on Sunday to do some surfing, and relaxing. And that's exactly what I did. Found a good spot basically on the beach, parked my van and that was my home for a few days.. Surprisingly nobody hassled me for being parked and sleeping there either which was awesome! Felt amazing to fall asleep to the sound of waves breaking, and would've been even better to wake up and see the ocean outside my slider door, but the fog was thick. Guess thats what its like at 6 am. Went down to the beach rocks and looked for crabs or any cool ocean debris until the fog cleared, then did some surfing until the crowds rolled into the beach. Saw fireworks up and down the beach in every direction as far as the eyes could see which was rad! Best part was I got to do it all over again today. But now back to the grind tomorrow and looking for the next adventure. Can't wait. Surfing is my new love!