Sunday, January 31, 2010

Twins and Fire.

Went to Jaime's and Jordan's twin theme Birthday bash, It was a good time. Cold at first but we got the fire roastin and warmed up quick. Toasted and roasted marshmallows, met some cool people, and had some laughs. Just a good time with a bunch of good friends. So Happy 24th Birthday Jaime and Jordan, almost reaching that quarter century mark.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Virtual Tour. Home Sweet Home.

dining room/bike storage
the living room with balcony
My bedroom
al's walk in closet/ extra room
al's bedroom


Well this is Me and Al's home for the next 3 months while here in Austin. It's a pretty sweet quiet place to live, gated apartment community, people are friendly, also has a pool, laundry room, and free cable, water, and trash removal, all we pay is electric. Plus they were willing to work out a 3 month lease with us, so it all worked out. We are about a 10 minute bike ride to the trails, 10 minute bike ride to downtown Austin right along the bike path and town lake, 8 minute bike ride to the Credence compound, 10 minute pedal to the T-1 ramp, 15 minute pedal to the concrete park, and about a 20 minute drive to another sick concrete park. So i'd say we got a very decent area to live. Austin is a very easy city to get around in, i've only been here a month and can get almost anywhere I need to go no problem. I also forgot to mention we live about a 15 minute car ride from the airport. Anyways im diggin Austin, its a fun city with lots to do and lots of friendly people. So yeah check it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

tan lines in january!

Austin Sunsets are sick!

So a lot has gone on since the last update. Been enjoying myself, meeting people. A lot of new englanders been dropping in on Austin, so thats cool to see familiar faces. Weather has been amazing mostly 70's so shorts and tshirt everyday. Already starting to get the tan lines. Kinda weird after spending 26 years in snow in january and to now be sweating and riding bikes. Went swimming as well recently, we down to these natural springs that were way too cold for me, especially since I fell off my bike on the way there and scraped my knee good. But jaimie and vanessa went right in, but on the way back we snuck into this nice hotel pool that was heated salt water pool, and it was amazing. Other than that just been hanging out digging at the trails, riding, playing ping pong and just having a good time with friends. I guess that's all for now.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

city life.


So a lot has gone on in the past few days or so. Basically just having a lot of fun with friends. Don't really know what to write since everyday is filled with activities. But here's a short list. Vegan Potluck dinner at Ryan Corrigan's house thanks to him and his girlfriend for the amazing food, heavy session at T-1 ramp, lots of dancing at Shakespeare's Pub, Bike rides into the city, Trails, and backyard grillin and ping pong fun. Just to name a few. But here's just a bunch of random pictures from whats gone on.

Dave and Vanessa on the rooftop.

Austin State Capitol

9th Street Trails.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

shorts,tshirt,and bikes.

So the past few days have been pretty chill here in Austin. Did some riding at a few good skateparks in the area. Hit up the trails, so some good sessions been going down. Hit up Red7 downtown to watch a Devo cover band the other night which was cool. They were such nerds but it was a good time, even though they played the outside stage so it was quite freezing and you had to dance and jump around just to keep warm.

Today was good, reached almost 70 here, so definite short and tshirt weather. I was psyched! We chilled around the house for a bit and played ping pong. The table has been getting massive amounts of heavy sessions on it, and it's fun. But we took out the road bikes and cruised into the city, only like a 5 minute bike ride from the house we're staying at, so it's a prime location for everything. Hungout at Whole Foods for a bit ate some avocado maki and people watched for a bit, then headed across the street to check out REI which is like a camping outdoor supply type store, and then a cool bookstore that I picked up an application at. Soon Me and Al will be apartment hunting. Well that's it for now.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bar Hoppin and Trail Boppin

Woke up today a bit groggy from last nights bar hopping excursion. Went out to EMO's club since it's free week in Austin and lots of the shows here are free. But the bands that were playing there were horrible. Too college rock for my liking. Next we left there after 10 minutes and went next door to this club called Red7 and watched a few crappy punk bands play, the club was filled with what seemed like every age group and a lot of trollish looking people, too many colored mowhawks spiked high to the sky. We ended the night at the side bar which was a chill place, met some people, and played some pool.

Today we went and rode the trails. Had a pretty good session considering the semi cold weather down here. Bunch of dudes up in having a good time. Now we're chillin playing ping pong, waiting to go to a Devo cover band show tonight. So that should be pretty good. Well that's all for now.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Lonestar State!

Well we finally made it to Austin after 2 sleepless days/nights. Had a stay in Pittsburgh for a night and visit with Yeagle. Then basically trucked on down to Austin in 2 days, lots of driving went down, and I attempted to and succeeded in driving a stick shift for the first time, and so did Gaspar. I was white knuckled for a bit then relaxed and wasn't as bad as I thought, got the jeep bucking a few times though. Anyways had a few stops along the way, the first stop was at a Cabella's outdoors store in Wheeling West Virginia which they are wild stores if you have never been, it's like a museum of animals. They had a mountain filled with every type of animal stuffed in there, also had a cesna style airplane hanging from the cieling as well as its own aquarium. So if you ever see one go check it out. Next we had a stop in Pickerington Ohio to the Motorcycle Hall of Fame, that was also cool. We got to see some wild bikes owned by celebrities and some really cool bikes, and vintage bikes. They had the police bike from Terminator 2, as well as the American flag chopper from the movie Easy Rider. I don't know why it was there but they had Niel Pert's drumset from RUSH that was from there 40th Anniversary tour, and that was cool to see cuz RUSH is a sick band. The coolest thing I thought was the wooden motorcycle that was the first gas powered motorcycle built. So that was cool to check the motorcycle hall of fame. After that we kept driving and driving and attempted to sleep at a rest stop but it was way too cold to sleep and we were freezing in the car and very uncomfortable, so we said screw it lets drive and drive and get to warm weather. We did stop in Hot Springs Arkansas to check that out exactly, but the springs was just too hot to get into, we put our feet in but could only withstand it for a few seconds. But that was a really cool town with lots of really old hotels with lots of history and a lot of natural hot springs bath houses. It was a damn cool town to check out. Once we left there we just drove until we made it to Austin last night at about 10 at night, got some sleep woke up got full on some mexican food for cheap, then went over to the Easide Trails and Sundays trails which is weird but they are in the same exact area and very cool. Eastside trails were unbelievable! Just scary big and well maintained. Sundays trails were well maintained and lots of fun since I attempted to ride them. He's a good dude and so is everyone else out here so far that I met. Well this is all for now. Check back for more updates. Enjoy the pictures now.

(this is a landing)