Monday, October 26, 2009

Mellow Monday!

Well it was a beautiful Monday, so Me, my cousin Tim and Fleming went out and took advantage of the weather with a mountain bike ride out in the Dennison area. Started out on the Nature Trail, which is just a fun quick trail with cool little bridges, single track trails, and sweet downhill runs. After that made our way out to Otter River campground and sat on the benches by the pond for a quick rest and some mint leaves and rhubarb from the gardens. Tim spotted a little rock wall to hill jump that we sessioned hard haha, he was loving it, glad to see him back on a bike. From there we then rode out by the Dennison cemetery, and out to the rat trap and railroad bridge, then back to the car. So all in all an enjoyable day taking in nature while we still can, clearing the mind of all that stresses. Tomorrow's another day....

(random photos of the bike ride today and some that i've taken over the summer)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Coast to Coast

Here's a bunch of my favorite pictures from the coast to coast trip. I miss being on the road but that trip was a lot of fun, lots of memories and got to see a lot of cool things and places. So enjoy them too!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Day, Another Adventure.

So I went back out this morning to do a little more exploring in the same area as yesterday's adventure. I found a few more relics pictured above. I felt like I was doing my own little archiologigcal dig. One of the coolest things was a tin box that was rusted shut, so when I got it home I pryed it open and inside was old tobacco rolling papers. I then met up with my cousin Tim, the pup and his son again and went back out to venture further in the area, had a quick stop at the relic field and found a few more things thanks to his help. A fully intact old light bulb, an old pulley wheel, more horseshoes, a sharpening stone, 2 more bottles, a pitchfork and an old cork. So not bad for an a few minutes searching. We then walked further down the old path and explored another trail where it just seemed like we were out in an old forgotten farmland, saw a few old cellar holes and tons of old stone walls. But it started to get dark so we turned around and gona explore further on another day. Can't wait to see what we find.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'd Have to Say...Today was a Good Day!

so today was a perfect fall day, went out for a hike in the woods out to the old ruins of Marchmont Castle with my cousin Tim and his little pup Badger. Had a nice walk out there, since the both of us hadn't been out in that area for over 15 years or so, from when my uncle or grandfather would take us on hikes out there. I found a few treasures near the ruins, 2 old glass bottles dating from the late 1800's to the earley 1900's from what I could find of any information on the internet about the bottles, as well as an old thermos made by the American Thermos Co. out of Norwich, CT, and the date on the bottom of the thermos reads March 15 1910 so the thermos has been sitting there for a better part of 100 years almost and seems to be in good shape. Just being in the old ruins of the castle was cool, realizing what it once was from pictures we saw that my grandfather had or the old town history book. It's nothing but an old stone foundation filled with leaves, trees, bricks and other rusted metal objects. So it was pretty cool to be standing in what once was a castle and historic site. After that we made our way back to the car including Badger, who was really tuckered out that he crawled into the car seat in the car curled up and napped. All in all not a bad fall day.
(photos above are of the old castle foundation and what the castle once looked like, and one of my findings and then badger the pup.)

So Enjoy!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Random and Abandoned.

Here is just some random photos I took this summer at an old abandoned paper mill and old furniture factory. I like exploring abandoned places and think I have been in every place in the area and need to find new places to explore. I just find it wierd that out of so many places I been in, that a lot of the places have just been left to wither away with everything still in it, like everyone just left one day and never returned leaving it like it was. I've found lots of cool things in old buildings, homes or wherever something abandoned. Do any of you know of someplace cool to go check out? Let me know.