Monday, October 12, 2009


It's October now and seems to be getting colder earlier than usual, which is no good. It's gona be a long winter. I'm not ready to put my bikes away just yet. But I do enjoy the fact that the leaves change, and the smells of autumn, and can't forget Halloween, my favorite Holiday basically because i'm into the paranormal, very intrigued by it and would love to be able to investigate a haunted location and see what kind of stuff I see. The paranormal has just been an interest of mine since a real young age and have had things happen and have seen odd things that cannot be explained. Anyways if anybody else has had a paranormal experience, leave me a comment i'd like to hear about it, and if anyone knows of any spooky places to visit this halloween let me know. For now enjoy the photos of the day! Thanks!

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