Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Day, Another Adventure.

So I went back out this morning to do a little more exploring in the same area as yesterday's adventure. I found a few more relics pictured above. I felt like I was doing my own little archiologigcal dig. One of the coolest things was a tin box that was rusted shut, so when I got it home I pryed it open and inside was old tobacco rolling papers. I then met up with my cousin Tim, the pup and his son again and went back out to venture further in the area, had a quick stop at the relic field and found a few more things thanks to his help. A fully intact old light bulb, an old pulley wheel, more horseshoes, a sharpening stone, 2 more bottles, a pitchfork and an old cork. So not bad for an a few minutes searching. We then walked further down the old path and explored another trail where it just seemed like we were out in an old forgotten farmland, saw a few old cellar holes and tons of old stone walls. But it started to get dark so we turned around and gona explore further on another day. Can't wait to see what we find.

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