Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'd Have to Say...Today was a Good Day!

so today was a perfect fall day, went out for a hike in the woods out to the old ruins of Marchmont Castle with my cousin Tim and his little pup Badger. Had a nice walk out there, since the both of us hadn't been out in that area for over 15 years or so, from when my uncle or grandfather would take us on hikes out there. I found a few treasures near the ruins, 2 old glass bottles dating from the late 1800's to the earley 1900's from what I could find of any information on the internet about the bottles, as well as an old thermos made by the American Thermos Co. out of Norwich, CT, and the date on the bottom of the thermos reads March 15 1910 so the thermos has been sitting there for a better part of 100 years almost and seems to be in good shape. Just being in the old ruins of the castle was cool, realizing what it once was from pictures we saw that my grandfather had or the old town history book. It's nothing but an old stone foundation filled with leaves, trees, bricks and other rusted metal objects. So it was pretty cool to be standing in what once was a castle and historic site. After that we made our way back to the car including Badger, who was really tuckered out that he crawled into the car seat in the car curled up and napped. All in all not a bad fall day.
(photos above are of the old castle foundation and what the castle once looked like, and one of my findings and then badger the pup.)

So Enjoy!

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