Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bar Hoppin and Trail Boppin

Woke up today a bit groggy from last nights bar hopping excursion. Went out to EMO's club since it's free week in Austin and lots of the shows here are free. But the bands that were playing there were horrible. Too college rock for my liking. Next we left there after 10 minutes and went next door to this club called Red7 and watched a few crappy punk bands play, the club was filled with what seemed like every age group and a lot of trollish looking people, too many colored mowhawks spiked high to the sky. We ended the night at the side bar which was a chill place, met some people, and played some pool.

Today we went and rode the trails. Had a pretty good session considering the semi cold weather down here. Bunch of dudes up in having a good time. Now we're chillin playing ping pong, waiting to go to a Devo cover band show tonight. So that should be pretty good. Well that's all for now.

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