Monday, January 4, 2010

The Lonestar State!

Well we finally made it to Austin after 2 sleepless days/nights. Had a stay in Pittsburgh for a night and visit with Yeagle. Then basically trucked on down to Austin in 2 days, lots of driving went down, and I attempted to and succeeded in driving a stick shift for the first time, and so did Gaspar. I was white knuckled for a bit then relaxed and wasn't as bad as I thought, got the jeep bucking a few times though. Anyways had a few stops along the way, the first stop was at a Cabella's outdoors store in Wheeling West Virginia which they are wild stores if you have never been, it's like a museum of animals. They had a mountain filled with every type of animal stuffed in there, also had a cesna style airplane hanging from the cieling as well as its own aquarium. So if you ever see one go check it out. Next we had a stop in Pickerington Ohio to the Motorcycle Hall of Fame, that was also cool. We got to see some wild bikes owned by celebrities and some really cool bikes, and vintage bikes. They had the police bike from Terminator 2, as well as the American flag chopper from the movie Easy Rider. I don't know why it was there but they had Niel Pert's drumset from RUSH that was from there 40th Anniversary tour, and that was cool to see cuz RUSH is a sick band. The coolest thing I thought was the wooden motorcycle that was the first gas powered motorcycle built. So that was cool to check the motorcycle hall of fame. After that we kept driving and driving and attempted to sleep at a rest stop but it was way too cold to sleep and we were freezing in the car and very uncomfortable, so we said screw it lets drive and drive and get to warm weather. We did stop in Hot Springs Arkansas to check that out exactly, but the springs was just too hot to get into, we put our feet in but could only withstand it for a few seconds. But that was a really cool town with lots of really old hotels with lots of history and a lot of natural hot springs bath houses. It was a damn cool town to check out. Once we left there we just drove until we made it to Austin last night at about 10 at night, got some sleep woke up got full on some mexican food for cheap, then went over to the Easide Trails and Sundays trails which is weird but they are in the same exact area and very cool. Eastside trails were unbelievable! Just scary big and well maintained. Sundays trails were well maintained and lots of fun since I attempted to ride them. He's a good dude and so is everyone else out here so far that I met. Well this is all for now. Check back for more updates. Enjoy the pictures now.

(this is a landing)


  1. Hey Son! Great little Blog of your adventures! Nice Pictures too! Hope you have a most incredible, awesome time!

  2. Whats up cuz, good to see that you made it... So you went to Hot Springs, that would mean that you were only 1/2 hour from my Dads house. you should have stopped by to say hello. Cool pics so far. Did you bring you camara. Well miss ya, but hav a good time out there, you know there isnt much going on up here, its good that you got away for a while. Gosh, I wish I could...Well have fun and Keep the Blog rollin.....Tim

    PS... now that you know that stick shifts arent that bad, you can get a VW start looking for work out there to save up, that would be a fun project!!!