Tuesday, January 26, 2010

tan lines in january!

Austin Sunsets are sick!

So a lot has gone on since the last update. Been enjoying myself, meeting people. A lot of new englanders been dropping in on Austin, so thats cool to see familiar faces. Weather has been amazing mostly 70's so shorts and tshirt everyday. Already starting to get the tan lines. Kinda weird after spending 26 years in snow in january and to now be sweating and riding bikes. Went swimming as well recently, we down to these natural springs that were way too cold for me, especially since I fell off my bike on the way there and scraped my knee good. But jaimie and vanessa went right in, but on the way back we snuck into this nice hotel pool that was heated salt water pool, and it was amazing. Other than that just been hanging out digging at the trails, riding, playing ping pong and just having a good time with friends. I guess that's all for now.

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