Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July weekend! WOOT WOOT!

Was basically a total bust for the most part. Friday worked early morning then hit up the 50th Fitchburg Longsjo road bike race, got to see the womens race, wasn't very exciting as last year so left, and flemdigga took us to leominster state forest to this crazy high rock wall that we hiked up, attempted to free climb and watched a guy get all harnessed up and attempt to climb. We left there and was greeted by a monsoon storm then ended the night watching videos at greene's house. The 4th was spent on a 1 and a half hour mountain bike ride on the healthy trail followed by sitting at home in and out of napping and surfin the web. BORING! But today was somewhat eventful, got up early picked up ernest flemingway and headed to Riette flea market for them hot deals and finds.......and left with nothing. After that we headed to our favorite spot Tully Lake for a little disc golf around the course, followed by a quick little session at the athol skatepark. And that ya'll was my weekend....any questions?

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