Saturday, July 11, 2009


So today I worked the usual saturday routine. And since ry guy is in Toronto, and Gump and Flemtenant Dan are on Martha's vineyard, i've had some time on my hands. I got a message from an old friend Pawel who recently got back from art school in Cypress Greece, so I decided to pay him a visit at home and catch up on the past few years. It was good to see him. We shot the shit for a bit, he told me stories about his time in europe for the past few years and I had nothing exciting to say haha. We talked about music and art since he's talented at both. I showed him some new bands that i've gotten into and he showed me some of the art he's done. It was fun, hopefully meet up with him more now that he's back. But that was my day, pretty ok I guess.

I took some pictures of a few of his art pieces he did so take a look. Here's a sketch, some paintings and a sculpture. He just got into taking old electronics and making sculptures out of them. Recycling art which im getting into.

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