Monday, December 7, 2009

Jewelry Making.

So recently I've gotten the urge to learn jewelry making. I don't know just something I could see myself doing, creating unique pieces for people to enjoy. This is something I am trying to pursue. I have an interview this Thursday at a little non-profit art school in New Hampshire called the Sharon Arts Center for an internship, and I am really excited about it. To learn the ins and outs of running a school, teaching, learning the different art courses they offer, just everything they have to offer im ready to take on and learn. They offer classes in jewelry making of course, as well as woodworking, glass blowing, pottery, metal smithing, armour making, and photography. So I can't wait to get there and explain what I want to do and hopefully work something out with them. Also something I want to try and do eventually is put on an art show/gallery in my area featuring local artists, friends and family I know. I just want to bring art and culture to my bland boring small town, it has potential. So any ideas or information I can get from anyone about maybe how to go about setting something like this up would be greatly appreciated. Anyways below is a bunch of handmade jewelry I stumbled on and was a great find, and has just sparked more inspiration in pursuing this art form. This exactly the type of jewelry I can see myself creating. So check out all the cool unique items she had made and check out her website for a lot more different jewelry. It's called Mama's Little Babies.......

Wish Me Luck!


  1. I did a post awhile back on a curated gallery show we hosted in our apartment, featuring works from the collective we belong to. it's all at once easier and harder than it looks but worth it in the end, good luck!

  2. Thank You I did see that post, i'll have to go back and check it again. Thanks again.

  3. wow, joe, those pieces are amazing. thanks for the info to the link. i think i'm gona go check it out and buy some stuff.
    i heard that school is amazing so good luck with your interview!