Saturday, December 5, 2009

New England.

(made this little terrarium with an old candle holder and some moss from the yard. Needed some greenery for my room.)

So it's snowing here in New England now, guess we had a pretty decent run at good weather. Just weird to think that I just went on a bike ride yesterday down the bike path. Gotta love that New England weather. I guess what's Christmas without snow right? I couldn't imagine Christmas without it, but I think if after Christmas if there was no snow again, I would definitely not miss it. The one positive thing about the snow is that it's going to make you really get creative with your time, so you don't suffer from cabin fever. So let the snow open your eyes to being creative and learning something new about yourself, or trying something new. Anyways here's some pictures from yesterday and today. Big difference!

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  1. hey thanks for your comment! nice blog, that first photo is cool! I'm so excited about the snow in Boston!