Friday, May 22, 2009

Good times roll on...

Well today started off great. It was hotter than haiti out, met up with gasbag and flemdigga and did a little mountain bike excursion. Made it out to these old railroad tracks in NH and chilled on a little bridge where gasbag(aka cock hunter) comes down with a bloody nose haha. After that we kept on treckin until we stumbled onto M. Knight Shamalan's The Village and then finally made it to a road where we cruised on down to Robins Pond and checked out the busy beavers dam, nothing too crazy there. Made it back home and relaxed for a bit, then met up with sugar water greene and gasbag again to cruise on over to athol and rip around with the fitchburg boys. Rode some fun little things, and almost had to get wildstyle on some dude haha not really, but would've been cool to knock his only tooth out cuz his crackhead baby was asleep. Came home watched such hawks such hounds with sugar water and did a little troubleshooting on my computer. Now time for bed, until the journey's tomorrow. Have a Good!

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