Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday's Gone...

Well today was a pretty blah sorta day, I didn't do much of anything. I got up and burned a few cd's(yeah I still listen to cd's), then I mowed my lawn. After that I made my way out to Worcester to Jay's shop and messed around on this frame jig he wants me to help him with. Don't want to build a frame and have it be all out of wack, so everything has to be basically spot on. Probably make my way out there again this week to give him a hand and learn whatever I can. Jay's a good dude, and does good work, so if you ever need anything for your motorcycle like a new tank or handlebars and new backend, hit up the Special 79 link and shout him an email, he also makes tables and fixtures. That was basically my day from his shop I went to work for 2 hours and then home.

Now Im listening to Half Man a sick band(thats no longer) from Sweden. A lot of sick bands are coming out of there, its refreshing. Ry just helped me do a little troubleshooting with my blog, so thanks dude. Put up a new header picture, found this cool artist named Arik Roper, who does a lot of the album covers for my favorite bands, so check out his site ArikRoper.com some cool stuff in there. Im also browsing craigslist endlessly for a super deal on a motorcycle, just need to find that Yamaha xs650.

Well guys onto the next.......

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