Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day!

Memorial Day I awoke to the marching and beating of drums of a parade going by my house. I got up drank some ice coffee and chilled for a few hours, trying to get a plan for the day. The day was basically spent at Ry Guys house, doing whatever we could to pass the time. We cooked up some food and chilled on his deck by the lake, next thing we know we're on the computer for roughly like 5 hours looking up music and him showing me all sorts of cool stuff. Gasbag shows up and we look through ry's life pretty much cuz he saves EVERYTHING! So having a few laughs at all his memorabilia, gasbag and I decide to go shopping at ry guy's consignments, which I made out with a few shirts and jeans, and gassy made out with a few jeans. We also took a juggling training course that I failed. So thanks dude for the shopping spree and juggling tutorial. And that concludes my Memorial Day, did my best.

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