Saturday, November 21, 2009

Inspire Creation.

So I've been trying to focus on my artistic side a bit more, see what I can create. It's fun and relaxing. I'm trying to get into the Sharon Arts Center and take classes becuase I would like to learn what they have to offer. Things like Woodworking, Metal-Smithing, Glass Blowing, Pottery Making, and Jewelry Making. Each one of those I could see myself doing and enjoying. So hopefully I can work something out with the Arts Center, they were all so positive when I went up there to talk to them. If your ever in the Peterborough NH area I recommend stopping by the Sharon Arts Center Store/Gallery and check out all the things they have from local artists. It's pretty inspiring and amazing what these people are creating, and If your interested in maybe learning one those check out for classes or take a drive up to the center. It's not far from Downtown Peterborough about a 10 minute drive. Anyways i've been working on a few projects lately, all still in the works, but I set up myself a little "art studio" where I can play music and let my ideas to be created. I've been working on collages, and have a few ideas with some old furniture, and also been trying to work on my photography shooting more photos as many as I can. All this keeps me from boredom, try it out sometime see what you can come up with on your free time. Well that's all for now probably gona do some bike riding tomorrow, so enjoy this, get inspired and check the photos below.

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