Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nashua River Rail Trail.

Today my cousin Tim and I decided to hit up the Nashua River Rail Trail after me putting it off for like 2 years now, but been wanting to do it. I finally got it done today and it was pretty amazing. A nice roughly 25 miles or so ride. We started off in Ayer and pedaled along the quiet and quaint bike path. Lots of good scenery through the towns of Ayer, Pepperell, Groton and Dunstable. Had a bunch of stops along the way to check out our surroundings and take it in. Nothing like being out on what turned out to be a pretty decent day. Along the way we asked an older couple who were checking out these huge swans floating down the Nashua River what town we were in and we were on the Pepperell Groton line about and they said we were about 15 minutes from Nashua. So we decided to do the whole bike path until the end and couldn't go further, and in the end we pedaled through 4 towns until we reached Nashua. At some point the trail will eventually go further, but thats a work in progress. The trail all in all is fairly flat and a comfortable ride with a few bridges to pass under along the way, one had a nice mural painted inside, also just a bunch of area with views of the river, ponds, apple orchard, pumpkin patch and wildlife area. I can only imagine how amazing it looks out there during peak foliage season, but oh well it was still a nice ride today. So basically that was my day a 3 1/2 hour bike ride through 4 towns and back, roughly 25 miles. Not a bad way to spend Sunday. Anyways below is a bunch of photos from the ride today, hope you enjoy, and I recommend if you have a bike and live in the area, take a few hours and go for a pedal, you'll enjoy it. That's it for now, can't wait for the next adventure.

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