Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tired Tuesday.

Today has come and gone and tomorrow is a new day. But it was a good day. Went down to Ware to our friend Kelly's house to ride the jumps in his backyard. Unfortunately he wasn't home and hard at work. So we rode with a bunch of the local neighborhood kids. The trails were running real good. The sunlight played a part in a mishap by flemdigga which resulted in him getting F!@*ed up! lots of blood after his bike hit him in the face from a wash out. But he's alright. April came home to us as a surprise and cooked us a great dinner of vegan chili. We had our hands full with the kids, but they were a good time and have grown a lot since the last time I saw them. But very good kids. So thats basically the day wrapped up. Thanks to April for the meal and hospitality and Kel next time get out of work early to come ride with us. Now enjoy pictures I find visually pleasing and inspiring.

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