Thursday, June 4, 2009

2 Days til my Birthday!

Robin Hood head badge is sick, Made in Nottingham England.

Anyways today wasn't too eventful really. Got up did my thing. Went and visited with Misti at work, she gave me a bunch of stuff I could use that the art department at the college was tossing out. So thanks Misti! After guessed it...hit up the disc golf course for a round of 18 holes! I basically love disc golf, its so fun and relaxing. I basically smoked Erik (or as he told me to call him...Putz), but he did roast me by a long shot the last time we played. I had to leave there and rush to get to work, which sucked as always. I need something better.....any ideas?

I also took the infamous cursed Lenton Road bike off Flemdigga. Its a sick whip all the way from Nottingham England, also saw a free Schwinn Road bike all original on the side of the road, but that one is too small for me, but its a sick bike. I love Bikes!

Well that concludes my Thursday. Check the pics of the hot whips.

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