Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer Rain is Insane!

Well the weather has put a damper on this summer thus far, making it fairly uneventful or exciting. All its been is rain rain rain cold, maybe a little break in it here and there. Im ready for blue skies and sun and fun.

Anyways this week and weekend has been kind of busy around the homefront. I've been busy taking the front yard hill we have from drab to fab. I got sick of mowing this hill that was half dead grass and ant hills and the mower spittin out thick white smoke everytime I tried to mowe it. So I had a few bags of mulch laying around the house and found some cool rocks from beneath the porch, I then grabbed the old shovel and started digging it up. Flemdigga stopped by and gave me a hand as well, so thanks to him. I took most of the grass I dug up from the hill and patched up parts of the yard that needed some new grass. I just wanted to get it all looking nice in time for my sisters baby shower. I succeeded and everyone enjoyed it and complimented me on how nice it looked and felt good. So if anybody needs a little landscaping work let me know haha. (check the pics of the sweet landscaping at top)

Also this weekend my sisters baby shower went on and it was good, I ended up hanging around and helping out even though guys aren't suppose to be at those things. Lots of food and lots of baby gifts. My sister seemed to like my gift the most which felt good too. Even though all I got her was a onesie with a gold money sign necklace logo on it, and a skull and corssbones pirate pacifier. Everyone else got her things that will actually be useful, but she likes what she likes I guess haha. I just wanted to get something she knew who it was from. So yeah all in all good for my first baby shower haha.

After that I got a hold of Ry Guy who had just gotten back from his trip to Toronto. So I went over his house and we grabbed the bikes and made it out to the fitchburg park to do a little riding since it wasn't raining. Had a decent session. Also tried to hit up the St. Bernard's summer carnival fireworks, but missed them. So stopped and had some thai food, then made it home.

Its now Sunday and it went nowhere, I basically caught up on sleep all day and watched HGtv learning how to build things do it yourself and the latest in modern green living. Also thinking that maybe I should start thinking of putting my camera equipment to use and shoot weddings or anything anybody wants to pay me to shoot. Make up some business cards or something. So yeah if anyone needs a photographer for a wedding or anything else feel free to contact me.

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