Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blues Skies for Tuesday.

Well today was a pretty good day. Got up early and went and filled out an application. Then went over to Flemdigga's (aka trailboss or king of transfers as well as problem solva) house. We then did man stuff like build a sweet trailer for his quad. It was actually fun, feels good to build something and see the finished project, especially when it went from unusable to usable in no time. Built from free scrap wood, cant get better than that. So look for the Honda Accord to be pullin a 400ex to a sand pit near you! If anyone has a trailer hitch for a honda accord let me know, because flem is in the market for one asap!

anyways thats the jist of my day besides going to work for a few hours. But I did get a little good news from my boss today, he said he's getting surgery soon on his hand and wont be able to work for a few weeks and that im gona be taking over all the work for a few weeks which means more money for me.

Also got a call from Jumanji Beast (Ry Guy, Sugar Water Greene) from his solo trip to Toronto. Kid just needed to get away I guess, but he'll be back by sunday. He said its amazing, lots of nice people, good skateparks, good restuarants and lots of girls. So sounds like he's having fun.

Well thats all folks. Check the pictures of the trailer... EJF Construction he'll build anything you need!

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