Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The Fong Bros make some killer xs 650's.

Today got up and made it out to Jay's shop to give him a lift to Pitoniak Cycle, down in Belchertown MA to drop off some motor parts to be touched up. Pitoniak was a nice shop and a nice guy. It definitely gets me pschyed to see all these different aspects of the custom motorcycle world, and drives me to learn all that I can and hopefully be just like all these guys and have a successful business. I appreciate Jay taking time to give me knowledge. Just starting to get a little direction finally. Im also getting into doing furniture type things from recycled pieces I find and have a few ideas brewing. So check back to see if i've actually gotten to them. Im just having fun doing all this really.

I just want to have my own bike to build and learn everything from the ground up and make it my own. I just want to create. Im so ready.

Well thats was my day and my thoughts..... (thoughts those bikes were cool at the top)

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