Monday, June 15, 2009

Lackin and Slackin on Direction.

So basically haven't been up to much over the past few days. Weather has been horrid, and seems like not much has gotten done.

The weekend sucked, didn't do anything really, rode bikes a little bit, and basically did a lot of chillin.

Today made it out to jay's shop and helped him finish up the sissybar for his bike, and the how to article he's doing for Iron Horse Magazine. It came out pretty sick. I came up with an idea for my standing lamp I wana make, so probably get started on that wednesday.

I really need to start getting my ideas done. So many things I want to do. I just need the tools to get started. I want a mig welder, angle grinder, power drill, bench vice, a saw, and some wrenches and screw drivers and different bits. If I had those i'd be ready to occupy my time with creating my ideas and trying to sell what I make. That would be ideal. Well I guess in time hopefully I will have the knowledge, skills and tools to do everything.

Anyways that's about it for now....

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