Friday, June 5, 2009

The Big 26!

Birthday boy here. Its midnight and yeah I turned 26, time is flying by. So thanks to Jay for kinda taking me under his wing and giving me a chance to maybe finally have some direction for my future and im enjoying learning everything I can.

So yeah I went out to Worcester to Jay's shop Special79(check the link) to get some knowledge. I ended up helping him mock up his Shovelhead for an article he's doing for Iron Horse Magazine on how to make a sissybar. It was a blast helping him mock it and got me totally psyched to hopefully be able to find my own bike to build soon. Jay really knows his stuff and has quite an eye for detail, and thats the best part of learning from him, just how to do it right. So if you have a bike that needs any mods, check out his blog and drop him an email.

I hope to try and get out to his shop more often and work on my welding skills and learn more about motorcycle building. But again thank you Jay.

anyways peep the not so good pictures from my little shitty digital camera.


  1. Joe, it's not an ironhead, it's a shovelhead. Just a little more knowledge for you.

  2. oops my bad ha, sorry. Changed it.