Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thundaboomers a no show!

Woke up today for work and it was so nice out, which made it not so bad to be up and wana get work over with. So did my thing and got it done. Came home and hit up the summer solstice festival with Flemdigga in downtown winch, which was a bust and quite awkward haha, felt too old to be there. Moving on...after that hit up Lickity Splitz for a waterville mud that hit the spot. From there I made it out to the trails with Ramos Gaspar, and Sugar Water and had a fun little session. Could hear the thunder in the distance every so often, but it held off which was good. After the trail session, it was still nice out so me and sugar met up with fleminem and hit up good ol' Twinkle Town for a late night mini golf session, and that was fun. I got smoked by the both of them, but get me on the disc golf course and they got nothing on me haha.

So thats whats up!

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