Sunday, June 28, 2009

Brief SUNday!

The sun briefed us randomly throughout the day. I started the day off by waking up at 8 and making it out to Rietta flea market with flemdigga to find them hot deals! which I did, I made it out of there with a p38 and an Official Bart Simpson Vehicle of Destruction Skateboard for FREE! Gona try and sell it on ebay sometime once I figure all that out. After the flea market flemdigga and I met up with gassy at Lake Dennison to hit up the new Healthy Trail previously the Nature Trail for a mountain bike excursion. It was pretty sick out there with a few bridges, single track trails, some rugged uphills and some wild downhills. Just a fun little route. We ended up coming out in Otter River campground where we chilled by the waterfall and pond for a bit. Sat on a bench near the camp garden which had some mint, parsley, rhubarb, chives, tomatos, strawberries and other edible plants. We sampled a few. That was basically the mtb ride. Then from there had to keep the day going to went out to the trails with ry guy for some grillin and chillin. We started a fire and I cooked up some vegetarian chilli, while he cooked up some couscous and soup. It hit the spot and was relaxing. Gassy then made it out and we chilled and chatted for a bit and that was my day in a nutshell.

Now enjoy the pictures.

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